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Fineline Materials.

Material choice for products and models is very important and we have a sound knowledge of a range of materials' strengths and weaknesses, what works and what doesn't. We pride ourselves in being quite experimental and up for a challenge and we are always willing to learn. So if you have a particular material you would like us to look into we will be happy to help.

Here is a list of some common materials we regularly use.

Sheet materials.

MDF Standard general use sheet material
Medite Outdoor grade of MDF, better edge quality
Valchromat High density MDF, very good edge quality
Hardwood ply Standard general use sheet material
Birch faced ply Better quality sheet material, better edge quality
Marine ply Outdoor use sheet material


Acrylic Extruded / cast Clear sheet material, good edge polishing
Polycarbonate / PETG Flame retardant clear sheet material, shatter proof
LDPE food grade material, flexible parts
MDPE Good shock and drop resistance
HDPE Very strong chemical resistant sheet material
Nylon Block moving parts, gears

Metal and composites.

Dibond Aluminium Composite Material. A polyethylene core with 0.012" aluminium faces
Aluminium Good mechanical properties, lightweight and corrosion resistant
Stainless steel Rust and stain resistant. Very strong

Block materials.

EPS (expanded polystyrene) Standard carving material available in a range of densities from 10kg/m3 to 40kg/m3. Suitable for large models and plastic coating
Polyurethane model boards Ranging in density from 80kg/m3 to 1600kg/m3. Closed cell structure gives a very fine finish even in the lower densities. Higher densities perfect for display models and master patterns.
Timber Sculptures, decorative fixings, engravings.

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