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Radiohead video wall

Since forming in 1985, Radiohead has enjoyed some 30 million album sales worldwide, making them one of the biggest bands on the planet. Radiohead are also known for their innovative stage shows, which continue to sell out arenas around the world. So when the production team were looking to produce something exceptional for the tour to promote their King of Limbs album, they knew they needed to work with a supplier with the track record, technology, materials and can-do attitude that would guarantee them outstanding results and delivery to a fixed time scale.

One of the major backdrops to the main stage set consists of 31 clear panel displays incorporating fifteen thousand recycled bottles which are individually lit to form a pixellated video wall installation.

To complete this job we ordered 3.5 tonnes of 9030 Lexan polycarbonate sheet! Delivery timescales were tight as we needed to allow enough time to create and ship the 31 interlocking panels that would form the main installation for the show. The main manufacturing process involved using our state of the art CAD and CNC technology to cut the 3050mm x 2050mm sheets to size and rout out the 15,000 holes needed to accommodate the individual pixels in the video wall.

The production team had previously worked with us on other shows and knew we would not only provide outstanding results, but also deliver on a very tight timescale and provide a full back-up service to ensure a flawless performance every night.

The tour was so successful that additional dates were added for the end of the year. In addition, a second variant of the stage set was ordered while the tour was underway to better fit with some of the venues they were attending.

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