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Fineline 5 axis CNC machining

5 Axis machines offer several advantages over other CNC tools as a better surface finish can be obtained by moving the tool tangentially about the surface and therefore more complex parts can be manufactured.

Our 5 Axis machine is big; it has to be to produce the sort of models our clients require. The machine bed is 4800mmx2500mmx1600mm and we have a range of cutters and knowledge to cut anything from foams to aluminium. You might think that being so big it loses its accuracy? You're wrong, the Multiax T machine has a rigid frame construction, a large distance between the linear guide ways and oversized mechanical components. These details lead to a greater axes squareness, higher feed speeds and greater positioning accuracy. This ensures a high degree of performance for the entire life of the machine.

Cutting edge CAM software completes the package and enables us to quickly generate complex toolpaths based on the object data. A vacuum bed and automatic 8 tool holder ensure that we are quick to set up and start machining and our knowledge of materials and processes ensure that we cut accurately with minimum time wastage.

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