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Fineline Durable Coatings

To enable us to apply a protective barrier on easily damageable products such as Eps , Fineline have invested in a sophisticated two part spray system. The Graco E-XP2 Reactor proportioner and Plural spray gun has been optimized for polyurea, foam and polyurethane coatings.

Used very much like a normal spray gun, we are able to apply a durable, impact/abrasion resistant shell of protection to foam, expanded polystyrene, wood and other lightweight substrates.

The finish can be pre coloured to suit the finished product and can be applied from only 1mm thick. This combined with the coatings fast cure and high mechanical properties means faster production times and reduced labour intensive post finishing. Depending on the product used the surface can be hard and smooth or rubberised with a light 'orange peel' texture. The chemical is available in Class 1 for Fire retardant applications.

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