• Bed Size  3050mm x 2050mm x 200mm high.
  • 8kW HSD Spindle 6000 rpm – 24000 rpm
  • HSK 63F Tooling- 24 Way carousel
  • 250m3 Vacuum hold down Pump
  • 5 x Pneumatic Pop Up location Pins
  • Dust foot extraction system
  • Bed Size  560mm x 400mm x 500mm high
  • 9.7kW Spindle 60 rpm – 8000 rpm
  • BT40 Tooling ( MAS403 type 1 pull stud )
  • Pos Acc +/- 5 Microns,  Repeat +/- 2 Microns
  • Renishaw probing and tool setting
  • Conforms to ISO 10791

3 Axis CNC Machining

Fineline are able to offer fast and accurate profile cutting as well as contoured 3D shaping using our 3 axis router for larger sheet material and the milling machine for smaller, engineered items in most materials.

We can machine sheet woods such as Ply and MDF, plastics including edge finishing, foams such as plastizote, aluminium and even Stainless steel into profiled shapes from AutoCAD files, illustrator vector drawings, 3D models, in fact just about any format, and if the files don’t exist then we can create them for you.

Our wide range of tooling ensures that we have the right tool for the job and can cut just about any profile in any material. We also have the ability to produce complex jigs and assemblies using tessellating profiled parts.

The vacuum bed on our router is powerful enough so that we no longer need to tag most parts into the material, meaning you get the part as drawn with the edges machined smooth ready for use, all included in the price.