Mouldmaking Services

CNC Machining

By utilising the various machines Fineline has available we can create different types of moulds to suit the varied methods that our customers require to recreate their models from suitable 3D CAD.

We can machine master patterns to be used to create female tools in various materials and at various densities. Starting with EPS, this would then require sealing, hard coating, filling, sanding, polishing etc before a tool could be made or a model board grade Polyurethane board that will only need polishing before use.

It is also possible to machine formers for Vacuum forming based on the amount of use the tool will get in its lifetime from a one off to production manufacturing.

EPS can also be used in a total loss method by machining the master pattern slightly undersized and then applying GRP to the surface. Once finished the EPS is removed by destruction from the inside. This is obviously a one use item but a good option for large items.