• X=8000 mm  Y=4000mm  Z=2000mm  A=+/- 120 Deg   C=+/- 365 Deg
  • 25/30 kW S1/S6  HSD Spindle  Max Speed 24,000 RPM
  • 12 Position Tool changer for HSK 63A Tool Holders
  • Accuracy X=50 microns/M   Y=80 microns/M   Z=40 microns/M   A & C 60 Arcsec
  • Repeatability X=25 microns/M   Y=35 microns/M   Z=20 microns/M   A & C 20 Arcsec
  • X=3000 mm  Y=1500mm  Z=860mm  A=+/- 110 Deg   C=+/- 400 Deg
  • 10/12 kW S1/S6  HSD Spindle  Max Speed 24,000 RPM
  • 12 Position Tool changer for HSK 63F Tool Holders
  • Repeatability X=10 microns/M   Y=10 microns/M   Z=10 microns/M   A & C 5 Arcsec

5 Axis CNC Machining

5 Axis machines offer several advantages over other CNC tools as a better surface finish can be obtained by moving the tool tangentially about the surface and therefore more complex parts can be manufactured.

The Multiax L Series 5 Axis machine is big enough to produce the sort detail on models our clients require. The machines working envelope is 8000mm x 4000mm x 2000mm and we have a range of cutters and knowledge to cut anything from foams to aluminium. 

The Sahos Dynamic FC3000 has a working area of 3000mm x 1500mm x 860mm and with a linear measuring system on X,Y & Z axis it will achieve repeatable movements of 10-15 Microns

Cutting edge CAM software completes the package and enables us to quickly generate complex tool paths based on the object data. Radio probing and tool setting and an automatic tool changer ensures that we are quick to set up and start machining and our knowledge of materials and processes ensure that we cut accurately with minimum time wastage.

Machining Step-Overs Visual Aid

Machined PU foam and EPS with exactly the same model but using different tools and different step overs to illustrate the finish straight out of the machine with no hand finishing .

The image and engraved details serve as a quick reference guide for what to expect when discussing finishes.