• Robot A : KR Quantec KR 270 R2700 Ultra  Robot B : KR Quantec KR 120 R3900 Ultra K
  • KRC 4 Windows Based controller inc KUKA CNC Software
  • 10Kw HSD Spindle with compressed air cooling HSK 63F Max Speed 24000 rpm
  • 8 station HSK tool automatic tool changer
  • Ethernet connected file transfer system

Kuka Robots 6 Axis CNC Machining

Robots can be used as a flexible machining centre. The direct execution of all standard G and M commands for tool handling and high-speed cutting turns the robot into a highly flexible machining centre – especially for large, complex components that have to be machined on all sides. 

Utilising the two in-house robots for their different strengths we can tackle most multi-axis work especially internal female type moulds due to the 6 axis movement removing the need to ‘ retract and unwind’ and therefore speeding up the machining operation.